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  • Beeswax thin candles (x9) - French Address
  • Beeswax thin candles (x9) - French Address
  • Beeswax thin candles (x9) - French Address
  • Beeswax thin candles (x9) - French Address
  • Beeswax thin candles (x9) - French Address
  • Beeswax thin candles (x9) - French Address
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Beeswax thin candles (x9)

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French pure beeswax candles 

  • Handmade in Provence
  • Long lasting honey fragrance
  • 100% natural

These candles are the best French candles!

They are handmade in accordance with traditional techniques. This exclusive Apis Cera creation is made by rolling a sheet of beeswax around a wax-dipped cotton wick. A specific technique to keep the honeycomb pattern. To protect them, they come in a luxury box and are thoughtfully wrapped in a delicate silk paper. 

They are made with natural beeswax (no additive or coloring), making the candles smelling like honey. Even when not burning, you will smell the delicious fragrance. Beeswax has also amazing properties: it doesn’t smoke, it creates a brighter flame (the same color spectrum as sunlight!), and it cleanses the air

These French candles come in a box of 9; each candle burns in around 5 hours.

You can associate these pure beeswax candles with the 18th century inspired candlestick. They are perfect match!

Product details (size, weight...)


Candle: Height: 10.2 inches - 26 cm ; Width: 0.8 inches - 2 cm.
Box: Length 9.4 inches - 28.5 cm ; Width 3 inches - 7.6 cm ; Height: 2.8 inches - 7 cm.
This product is handmade, it may slightly vary in size.


The candle is made with natural beeswax (no additives, no coloring). The wick is in pure cotton.


Candle: 0.01 lb - 0.04 kg. Box+Candles: 1.2 lb - 0.6 kg.

Care instructions:

The wick should be half an inch, cut in if necessary before the first burning. It is recommended to use a snuffer to extinguish the candle.
To extend the burning time, you may store the candles in your fridge.

Made in

Made in Aix en Provence (Provence region).

Brand story

Apis Cera candles are the “haute couture” of candles.

Charles created Apis Cera with the ambition of restoring candles to their former glory. He established his workshop in the heart of Provence and produces candles, soap and lip balm in pure beeswax. All Apis Cera products are handmade, in accordance with traditional techniques.

A lot of research, great care and patience in mastering the traditions led Charles to launch Apis Cera. It takes one to two years to create a perfect product before launching.

The natural beeswax is the starting point of all Apis Cera candles and cosmetics. This is the first big difference with standard candles: did you know that most of the candles sold are made with paraffin, a derivative from coal, petroleum or oil shale?

Each candle is an absolute beauty: well-made organic shapes, unique textures pleasant to the touch and luxurious packagings. Haute couture candles.