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Vinyl Rug Paris Art Deco

Vinyl Rug Paris Art Deco

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Vinyl Rug Paris Art Deco 23.6 x 39.4 in

  • Waterproof and easy-care
  • A versatile use (kitchen, bathroom, porch…)
  • A lovely Art Deco design

We unearthed for you this exclusive rug that celebrates the lovely city of Paris. It is made of vinyl, a material with great properties: it is waterproof, easy to clean and resistant. Then, the Paris rug can be displayed in so many places in the house: outside on the porch to welcome the guests, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the home office for example. 

The exquisite design and mosaic are inspired by Art Deco style and its patterns: curving forms, geometric shapes and stylized floral patterns. This style reminds Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. With the lovely words 'Paris mon amour' (Paris my love), this rug is a must-have for any Francophile loving Paris

Product details (size, weight...)


23.6 x 39.4 in - 60 x 100 cm.




1.6 lb - 740g.

Care instructions:

Clean the rug with a simple cleaning product, but it is not recommended using a solvent, abrasive, or bleach product. Do not fold the rug, roll it up to transport it. Avoid to display the rug in areas which receive a lot of sunlight. Heavy pieces of furniture (bed, cupboard…) may leave pressure marks on the rug.

Made in

Made in Saint-Barthélémy d’Anjou, Western France.

Brand story

Emilie has a passion for decoration, she has been a sales assistant in a decoration store for years. One of her favorite materials is cement tiles. She appreciates the variety of style, the character it gives to a room, but she recognizes that it remains an expensive and complex material for a house.

After years of inspiration and technical study, she decided to launch her brand Ciment Factory. She creates patterns inspired from cement tiles and print them on vinyl rugs. The charm of the cement tiles in a modern and practical material!

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