Guide to Paris Bakeries: the Best Croissants in Paris

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 6, 2024 

Today, let's talk about the experience of savoring a croissant in Paris. I won't overwhelm you with too much excitement, but trust me, these flaky delights are an absolute must for anyone strolling the charming streets of Paris. I delved into the city's bakeries to compile a guide featuring the best croissants in Paris. From the classic buttery flakiness to gourmet variations and even fusion croissants that push the boundaries of traditional pastry, I've got you covered.

Get ready to indulge in one of the best daily Parisian pleasure: a crispy, golden croissant. Explore the best places to get a croissant in Paris, across different categories:

  1. The Winners of Top Croissants in Paris
  2. Serious Pure Butter Croissants
  3. Grand Chefs' Special Croissants
  4. Fancy Gourmets Croissants in Paris
  5. Creative Croissants Fusion
  6. Exclusive Croissants for Seasonal Celebrations

The guide for the best croissants in Paris 

The Winners of Top Croissants in Paris

Dive into the best croissants in Paris, winners of the fancy official competition. Find out which bakeries make the flaky, buttery goodness that screams 'Paris croissants are the best!'.

  • 2023 winner is Eric Teboul from the bakery Chez Meunier
  • And 2022 winner is the bakery Carton Paris


Serious Pure Butter Croissants

If you think regular croissants are buttery, just wait! I've scoured Paris for the butter-drenched pastries that are seriously indulgent. Get ready for a melt-in-your-mouth experience that'll delight your taste buds.

  • Liberté: crispy on the outside, soft and melting on the inside.
  • Leonie Bakery: a flaky and crispy croissant, buttered to perfection.
    • Mamiche: be prepared to queue among the locals, who are all fans of the bakery's pastries, especially the butter croissant.
    • Bristol: some say the best croissants in town are at Café Antonia, in Bristol Palace.
    • French Bastards: this creative bakery also masters the classic croissant. 


    Grand Chefs' Special Croissants 

    Experience croissants like never before! Paris's grand chefs turn the classic croissant into art. Try unique flavors and textures that totally redefine this French classic. It's croissants, but fancy!
    • Ritz Le Comptoir: the croissant revisited by Chef François Perret has an elongated and oh-so-crisp form.
    • Pierre Hermé: Ispahan croissant heart is filled with rose marzipan and raspberry and lychee compote. The Pierre Hermé Paris croissant is deli! The unique recipe is also available as a macaron.
    • Philippe Conticini: the first to launch the iconic croissant in XXL format. Not very practical for those who like to dip their croissant in their coffee, but definitely gourmand. And very Instagrammable!


    Fancy Gourmet Croissants in Paris

    Indulge in a gourmet escapade through Parisian bakeries, where fancy croissants steal the show. From unique fillings to exquisite toppings, take your croissant game up a notch with Paris's top gourmet recipes.
    • L'éclair de génie
    • Bo et Mie
    • Frappe Boulangerie Urbaine
    • Chez Meunier
    • Carton


    Creative Croissants Fusion

    Get ready for a flavor explosion as croissants mix with other French classics. No fancy stuff, just inventive pastries that shake up your favorite French treats. Dive into unexpected deliciousness!
    • The cronut by Cédric Grolet, a mix of croissant and donut. The Cédric Grolet croissant Paris is filled with cream and is covered with a thin layer of sugar. De-light-ful!
    • The crookie from Boulangerie Louvard, a mix of croissant and cookie
    • Christophe Michalak created a unique salty version, he mixed the croissant and the bretzel (a specialty from Eastern France)
    • Aupa Caminito is a restaurant, they invented the croger, a burger with croissant bread


    Exclusive Croissants for Seasonal Celebrations

    See how the classic French croissant changes with the seasons. From fruity delights in spring to cozy spiced wonders in winter, Paris's bakeries are creative all year round.
    • Panade Paris has a croissant version for every season: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas... Creative and unique! 


    Hope you enjoyed this list of the best croissant bakeries in Paris. Now, it's time to select your favorite addresses to visit during your Paris trip. And... Bon Appétit!

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