Icons made by Freepik and photo3idea_studio from Flaticon.

Verreries des Lumières workshop photos from Clarence Photo.

Apis Cera workshop photos from Charles van Valkenburg.

Bérangère Céramiques workshop photos from Bérangère Noyau.

Vannerie de la Meije workshop photos & blog post photo from Lucile Bou.

Karen Petit workshop photos from Karen Petit.

Karen Petit vase zoom photos from Sonia Barcet.

Blog post “All about porcelain” photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash.

Blog post “Bonjour” photo by Marloes Hilckmann on Unsplash.

Louvreuse workshop photos from Quentin Mahéas, La Clef Production.

Ciment Factory products photos from Ciment Factory.

La Rochère products photos from La Rochère.

Photos on the French country home pages by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash ; Michelle Mc Leod ; Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash ; Becca Tapert on Unsplash ; Veronika Jorjobert on Unsplash ; Fa Barboza on Unsplash ; Toa Heftiba on Unsplash ; Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash ; Terri Banks from Simply French market.

Photo on the newsletter form by Marloes Hilckmann on Unsplash.

Photos on the Christmas gift tags by Dagmara Dombrovska on UnsplashBing HAO on UnsplashJamie Street on Unsplash. Images by @yupiramos and @kotkoa from Canva.