Collection: French bread baskets

Introducing an essential of French kitchens: the French bread basketThis stylish and functional accent piece is a must-have for Francophiles and French food enthusiasts. It's the perfect way to serve bread, but not only: you can use it to display fruits or to serve treats to your guests, like for example mini muffins, cookies, or French macarons

Let's talk a bit about the design of these French bread baskets. They have a vintage style, typical of French country kitchens. Plus, the stainless-steel craftsmanship is built to last and conveniently dishwasher friendly. Last but not least, they are available in several colors, so you find the best color to match your kitchen and table: pop colors (red, yellow) or pastel colors (pastel blue, pastel green, off-white and old pink). These baskets combine retro charm with modern durability. They're not only great for serving bread but also add a touch of French country style to your kitchen.