The best French gifts for Mother's Day

Your Mom loves all things French or calls herself a 'Francophile' or a 'France lover'? You're at the right spot to find a French present for your beloved Mom.

Our Mother's Day gifts ideas include gifts with sweet French words, French scented candles that will transport your Mom to France, Parisian leather accessories for a chic French style, refined French pottery… And so much more. Our little extra: a complimentary luxury gift wrapping for a ready-to-offer gift. Choose now among our selection of gifts from France!

Parisian leather accessories

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French pottery

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Paris themed gifts

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French gifts under $50

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Gifts with beautiful French words

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  • Discover French gifts ideas for someone loving all things French and especially everything from Paris.

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  • Made in France gifts are high quality and purposeful gifts that support small businesses in France and historical know hows.

    French style versus Made in France

    Join the movement for an authentic, high-quality and purposeful shopping! Opt for made in France gifts rather than French style gifts. Read more