Large stoneware & gold vase

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French vase in stoneware and gold

  • French ceramics
  • Handmade by a distinguished ceramist
  • Finishing with gold leaf 

This large stoneware vase, covered with gold leaf on the top, embodies both strength and delicacy. Strength of the tall height and of the robust stoneware material. Delicacy of the details: the refined covering with golf leaf as well as the body of the vase flecked with tiny dots. 

This French vase was created and handmade by Karen Petit. It has a luxurious aesthetic: elegance in the design and softness to the touch. You will enjoy displaying this vase in different places in your home! 


Height: 10.4 inches - 26.4 cm ; Width at bottom: 4.1 inches - 10.3 cm ; Width on top (hole): 1.7 inches - 4.4 cm.

These products are handmade, making them unique, then they may slightly vary in size.

Weight: 2.3 lb - 1.1 kg

Material: Stoneware and gold leaf.

Care instructions: Clean with a soft cloth. Cannot be washed by the dishwasher.

Karen Petit is a designer ceramist, she creates her own aesthetics: clean and soft shapes enhanced by subtle details. She gets inspiration in the past and capitalizes on it to design a new line. In 8 years, she designed more than 10 lines, inspired for example by the Art Deco period or Provence traditional ceramic. The common trait? A kind of romanticism and poesy emerge from her refined creations.

All her pieces are handmade in her workshop in Saint Etienne. She works with the potter’s wheel to shape the pieces. Then up to three 9-hours firing sessions are necessary: one for the porcelain, another one when the glaze is added and one for the gold covering. The production requires time (aka patience!): after each firing, it is required to leave the pieces in the oven during 2 days so their temperature decreases. 2 weeks pass from the beginning mixing the liquid porcelain to the final cleaning #slowmade. Time, precision and dedication, French fine ceramic is demanding.

Atelier d’art de France, the French professional fine craft federation, distinguished Karen as a member, recognizing her technical expertise, her creativity and the quality of her work.

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