French kitchen linens


The French manufacturing of kitchen linens is centenary. The common trait of French linens brands: traditional yet elegant designs on thick, soft and noble fabrics (cotton and linen). This mix of French history, design and quality made them "in vogue" in kitchens around the world. From embroidered napkins to tea towels in pure linen to patterned tea towels, discover the charming selection of French linens for your kitchen. 


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French kitchen towels are one of the essentials of a French kitchen. They are renowned for their authentic style as well as for their quality materials. At French Address, our linen collection are mainly made with linen, the best fabric for kitchen linens. Indeed, linen has hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities (perfect for textile in contact with the skin, like napkins for example). It is also a very resistant fabric so the products made in linen have a longer lifespan and when disposed of, linen is biodegradable. Plus, linen fabrics can absorb up to 20% of dampness without feeling wet: this is the perfect fabric for kitchen towels. Last but not least, linen has a sustainable grow: very little water and little to no pesticides are required to grow flax.