Collection: French napkins

For a French table setting, the napkins are an essential piece. They must be aligned with your table setting style. In our selection, we included French napkins from the following styles: French bistro, French chic and French country. Made in quality cotton and linen, you can use them every day, for special occasions or even for picnics. 

When you're preparing a French table decor, do not forget to choose the napkins! There is a variety of French napkins for your table: with pretty French words, embroidered napkins or else striped napkins. A pure French style that your guests will adore. The first step is to define the style of your table, and the theme. Then the key point is to create a harmony between the different elements of your table setting: the dinnerware, the glassware, the table linens (table cloth, napkins, and place mats) and the decor. For the napkins, our recommendation is to select French linen napkins, as linen is the best fabric for table and kitchen linens. Indeed, fabric in linen is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant. Discover more on French napkins styles in the article: Elevate your French table setting with French napkins.