Collection: French glassware

Discover our collection of French glassware, 100% made in France, a guarantee of quality and style. Our collection includes French stemware like French wine glasses made in FranceFrench juice glasses, drinking glasses made in France or Parisian glassware. The glasses are all from  La Rochere glassware collection: La Rochere is a renowned French glassware brand... existing since 1475! They manage to make refined and sturdy glasses. Perfect, right? 

French glassware distinguishes for its refined design, inspired by historic French styles from the 17th to the 20th century. A timeless and chic look for your table and interior. French glassware is also a great gift idea for Francophiles.

When hosting an elegant dinner party or a family event, it's always enjoyable to prepare the table setting. French glassware will help you give a unique touch to your table. Elegant and high quality, our selection of French glasses (drinking cups, wine glasses and drinking glasses) offers well-made shapes and designs that fit traditional style tables as well as modern ones. Little extra: they are all made of resistant, durable and easy to clean glass. To complement, we thoughtfully selected glass kitchenware and glass decor that you can display on your French table setting as centerpiece. For example, a glass apothecary jar full of cookies will be appreciated by your guests at the end of the meal, when taking the coffee. Another idea is to use our glass pitcher as a vase in the center of your table with fresh flower.