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Versailles wine glasses (x2)

Versailles wine glasses (x2)

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Set of 2 Versailles wine glasses – French glassware

  • Made by renowned artisans in the oldest glass factory in France
  • Design inspired by the Versailles Palace
  • Refined yet resistant glass

This refined set of French glassware will add a very French touch to your table setting and for wine tastings. They are made in very resistant, durable, and easy to clean glass (dishwasher safe). 

The Versailles design of these wine glasses was inspired by the Hall of Mirrors of Versailles palace. The pattern on the glasses reproduces the delicate and sophisticated carvings above the mirrors. The scallop shell completes this royal design, as it was an emblem of the French knights.

Remind that wine glasses have a smaller capacity than drinking glasses. As the flavor of wine deteriorates when exposed to oxygen, it is recommended to serve only 3 to 4 onces of wine. This is why wine glasses are smaller, now you know! 

For a full Versailles drinkware, combine the Versailles wine glasses with the Versailles large wine glasses and Versailles drinking cups. And we also have Versailles glass bowls and Versailles glass mugs. They will be a sophisticated French decor for your table. 

Product details (size, weight...)


Height: 5.4 inches - 13.7 cm ; Width: 3.1 inches - 8 cm.


Glass (lead free). A pressure seam is sometimes visible, which is the mark left by its French traditional manufacturing process.


Each glass weighs 0.6 lb - 0.3 kg.

Care instructions:

Dishwasher safe. Avoid thermal shocks.

Made in

Made in Passavant la Rochère, Eastern France.

Brand story

La Rochère was founded in 1475, during the period called Middle Ages in France. It is located in the Vosges mountains (East of France), a region rich in wood, sand, and silica, the basics material to make glassware. The manufacture is the oldest traditional glassmaker still in activity in Europe.

Originally, the factory produced window glass; the diversification to glassware for Cafés and restaurants began in the 19th century. For centuries, La Rochère preserved and transmitted a traditional know-how. They are part of French glassware History and are distinguished as such today by the Label 'Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant' (National Company with a Heritage).

Each Collection has a unique story, inspired from the French History.

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