Collection: French bowl

The French bowl, also known as Breton bowl, is a classic piece you find in (almost) every French kitchens. The tradition in France is to bring it back as a souvenir of summer vacations in Brittany. Its uniqueness lies in its shape with 2 handles called 'oreilles' (ears) in French and the handwritten name or pretty French words on the front. 

This French bowl is a lovely gift: for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day or else Mother's Day. You're sure to hit the spot!

There are French bowls in almost every French kitchen. This is a French tradition: every member of the family has his bowl. The French bowl comes from Brittany, the westernmost region of France. Its design is very practical: the 2 ears avoid burning yourself when the bowl is full of hot chocolate or hot soup, for example. And what makes it even more recognizable is the blue edge and the calligraphed French words on the front. And here comes the creativity of the French bowl. The classic version has a French name on the front (Mathilde, Sophie...), but the modern version of the French bowl has inspirational and beautiful French words on the front. In our collection, we have a set of 2 French bowls for lovers, a set of 2 for Moms and a set of 2 for kids.