French country decorating: from inspiration to action

Do you like the French country home style? So, do I! I share inspirations and practical ideas to decorate your home in the French country style. Discover my blog posts and shopping guides 100% French country!

Colors are the first step when you decorate your home with a new style. We share French paint colors recommendations and tips for a French country aesthetics.

The foundations: French country color palette

The foundations of the French country style is the color-scheme. In this article, we share the 3 pillars for a perfect French country home color palette. With our inspiring photos, you will quickly understand the do's and don'ts.

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Looking for inspiration to decorate your kitchen the French way? To help you start your project, we created a checklist of 10 French kitchen essentials.

Create a French country kitchen

Discover our tips and checklists to style your kitchen the French country way. The kitchen is a central room, made for both cooking and gathering. Here are our recommendations to have a French country kitchen that will be pleasant for cooking and welcoming for family moments. Get an elegant and practical French country kitchen!

- 10 essentials of a French country kitchen

- How to decorate a French country kitchen?

- Are French country kitchens in style?

- What makes a French country kitchen?

- How to modernize a French country kitchen?

- Elevate your French table setting with French napkins

- What are the decorating elements of a French country kitchen?

- How to make a kitchen look French?

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French country decor

French country home style mixes simplicity with traditional, plus a subtle touch of chic. French... 

French kitchen

French kitchens are welcoming, made for both cooking and gathering in family. Their... 

French pottery

French pottery, also named French ceramics, includes a large variety of styles,... 

Create a beautiful French country bedroom: follow our tips on furniture, bedding and decor.

A dreamy French bedroom

The bedroom is the room where the decor represents our inner self and helps us feel relaxed after busy days.

For the lovers of the French style and the inner Parisians, discover our tips for a French inspired or Parisian inspired bedroom. Wherever you are in the world, you can easily have a bedroom with this French style that is so comforting... and will even transport you to Paris in your dreams!

- How to create a beautiful French country bedroom?

- How to make a Parisian bedroom?

- How to decorate a bedroom with French style?

French wall decor guide: the best French wall decor for the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom

French wall decor guide

Choosing the wall decor is the final touch when you're decorating a room. These very last details will create an overall harmony on the room, this is why it's important to select them thoughtfully.

In our guide, we share with you the best French wall decor ideas for each room: the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. You'll have a lot of inspiration for your home!

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Whether you're a beginner or an expert on French country decorating, you always need inspiration, practical advice and new decorating ideas. We are here to help you! From the French country color palette to curated country decors to step-by-step guides per room (French country kitchen, French country bedroom…), you will find everything to get the French country home you dream!

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