5 Books to Read on French Country Decor

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

Whether you're a beginner or an expert on French country decor, you always need inspiration, right? This is something I love doing too: I constantly search for new ideas, elegant aesthetics and refined styling to reproduce or adapt in my French country home. 

There are numerous photos on the internet, but we truly believe that nothing better than specialized books on French country home. The photos transport us immediately to the houses, and the stories & tips shared are so valuable and helpful. Plus, this type of book is such a beautiful decor on a coffee table or on a shelf in the living room!

Books on French country home decor

I read so many books to get French country home inspiration. That's why I decided to share with you the best ones: the ones that you will read again and again and each time find new ideas for your home. They are must-read books for any French country home lover. Happy reading! 


The 5 Must-Read Books for French Country Home Inspiration

  1. Vintage French Style: Homes and Gardens Inspired by a Love of France by Carolyn Westbrook
  2. Nora Murphy's Country House Style: Making Your House a Country Home by Nora Murphy and Duanne Simon
  3. Life in a French country house: Entertaining for all seasons by Cordelia de Castellane and Matthieu Salvaing
  4. French Chic Living: Simple Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful by Florence de Dampierre and Tim Street-Porter
  5. French Country Cottage by Courtney Allison
  6. Bonus: My Stylish French Girlfriends by Sharon Santoni

Even if it seems like a ranking, all these books are equally interesting and inspiring. And to complete your collection, why not share this list with your loved ones? You may receive them as a gift shortly!

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