Collection: French fashion beret

The icon of the French fashion style is the French beret. It's a timeless accessory that fits any type of outfit: elegant dresses, streetwear, working outfit... The classic French beret is the final touch for an effortless French look. It has this 'je ne sais quoi' that elevate your outfit whatever the season. French beret is a must-have in your wardrobe, including in several colors to be combined with all your favorite outfits.

Did you know that Coco Chanel transformed the beret into a luxury fashion accessory? She aimed at showing that anyone can dress simply, while keeping a certain elegance. This is why she introduced popular French wardrobe symbols into fashion, the classic French beret being one of them. And since the 1930s, the beret has remained an essential accessory of the French women style. Colorful, easy to wear and playful (different positions possible), versatile (fits all outfits styles), perfect for all face shapes... The French fashion beret has so many qualities! This is a chic basic in your wardrobe that you can use all year long. Indeed, the authentic one is in pure wool, however, it's very light, this is why you can wear it whatever the season. For more information and inspiration, check my blog post: Parisian beret: a chic basic for your wardrobe. To get the Parisian style you dream about, do not hesitate a second, get a French beret (or several... like Emily in Paris you can collect them in various colors!). It's also a great gift idea for someone going to Paris.