Paris travel tips

Greetings from Paris! I'm Mathilde, a Parisian who loves exploring. I'm excited to share my Paris travel tips with you. Look at my blog posts below: museums, shopping, cool things to do in Paris, day trips...

My tips for visiting Paris are for the ones that travel to Paris for the first time, but also for Paris connoisseurs who look for new things to do in Paris. Get ready to jot down notes: you'll find top-notch and unique suggestions for your Paris journey!

A Quik to Know When is the Best Time to Visit Paris

Quiz: Finding Your Best Time to Visit Paris

Planning a trip to Paris can be exciting, but choosing the best period to visit can be a daunting task. By answering a few questions, you'll discover when is the best time to see Paris, based on your preferences and interests.

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Paris tips for first timers

The Top 5 Paris Tips for First-Timers

Preparing your first trip to Paris is both exciting and overwhelming. That's why I'm sharing vital Paris tips for first-timers. Tested and loved by fellow Paris travelers, these tips will make your adventure smoother!

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Paris hotels guide for first time visitors to find the hotel that fits you

Paris Hotels Guide for First Time Visitors

Join me as I guide you through selecting the perfect hotel that suits your style. Elevate your Parisian experience by making the right choice.

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Unique things to do in Paris

5 Truly Unique Things To Do in Paris

Get ready for a journey that goes beyond the classic Paris bucket list! Let's dive into the heart of Paris and explore 5 exclusive experiences that will make your stay absolutely unique.

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Guide to Paris Bakeries: the Best Croissants in Paris

Get ready to indulge in one of the best daily Parisian pleasure: a crispy, golden croissant. Explore my top bakeries across different categories.

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Visiting the Louvre tips

Visiting the Louvre Tips

The Louvre Museum is a treasure trove of art and history, I've got some friendly advice to make your visit absolutely perfect.

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My 3 most interesting museums in Paris: Rodin, Carnavalet and Conciergerie

The 3 Most Interesting Small Museums in Paris

Dive into my top 3 picks for interesting small museums in Paris: in these underrated museums you will experience a special journey, far from the crowds.

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20+ things to do in Paris when it rains to still enjoy your trip

Things To Do in Paris When It Rains

From exploring culture to tasty treats, shopping fun, picture-perfect moments, or simply relaxing, I've got a list of things to do in Paris when it rains.

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Boutique shopping in Paris: 15 confidential addresses for a unique shopping session

The Best Boutiques in Paris

In this detailed Paris shopping guide, I share my 15 favorite stores. You're sure to live a shopping experience like locals and to find some great items to bring back home. 

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The best places to visit outside Paris: day trips, Loire Valley castles and South of France

The Best Places to Visit Outside of Paris

Paris is very pretty. But to see more of France, I suggest going outside the city. In this blog post, I share 10 ideas for a day trip outside Paris, and detailed itineraries for South of France and Loire Valley castles regions.

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Paris Travel Itinerary: Get Inspiration with Daily Options

I've traveled a lot, and I know planning can be tricky, especially for a lively city like Paris. To ensure that you fully enjoy your trip to Paris, I created daily plans to assist you in crafting the ideal Paris itinerary.

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