Collection: French scented candles

Missing France? A candle with a French scent will immediately transport you to France. Discover our pure beeswax candles, handmade in the heart of Provence. They will remind you of the lavender fields and the sunny countryside of Provence. We also have handmade candles with Grasse fragrances. They will transport you to special French places like a French castle, or a summer night in Provence. 

If you miss France, a quick option is to light a French scented candle. You will be immediately transported to France! Discover our pure beeswax candles handmade in the heart of Provence and our line of handmade candles reminding special French moments (a French Christmas, an afternoon in Provence, a night in a French castle...). The French know-how in perfume is renowned worldwide, and candles do benefit from this sophisticated expertise. Grasse is the world capital of perfume, major perfumers, as well as independent ones, are settled in this lovely city in South of France. Candles with a fragrance from Grasse are definitely the best scented candles, this is a guarantee of quality and naturality. This is actually one of the key criteria to choose a scented candle. For more tips, read our article How to choose a scented candle online? And if you already have a French scented candle or pure beeswax candle, then read our article How to properly care and burn your candles? You will find tips to make your candle last longer.