Collection: French vases

With or without flowers, a French vase is a lovely decor. You can display it in your kitchen, in your living room, or else in the master bedroom or guest bedroom. We selected refined French vases from different materials and styles: French pottery vases, French pitcher vases, French glass vases and French country vases. Choose your favorite French vase! 

We are passionate about French style decor, that's why we made this collection of French vases, which will help you to make your interior unique with the French touch you love so much. We gathered a refined selection of vases that can be used with fresh or dried flowers. Whatever the season, a vase is an essential piece in the living room notably. As a centerpiece of your dining table, on your coffee table or on a dresser, so many places to display your lovely vase and bouquet. With a diversity of materials and style, you're sure to find a French vase that will match your home decor. You'll enjoy displaying every day, as for special events with family and guests. They will surely compliment you on your lovely vase, and you'll have the pleasure to share with them, this is a French vase, coming directly from France.