12 Uniquely French Gifts For Christmas

Mathilde Vuillemenot
 | Last update on September 16, 2022


Christmas shopping is so exciting. It's a cheerful quest for perfect gifts for our loved ones. And when we discover the perfect gift, here comes the famous aha moment. It fills us with happiness as we imagine the sparkling eyes of our spouse, kids, or parents when they will open the gift. Something unique, they will adore from the very first second, and that will show them how much we care and love them.
Here you are, in the middle of your Christmas shopping, looking for a French gift for Christmas. 2 options: you are a Francophile or one of your loved ones is passionate about France, Paris, and all things French. Whether it's for your own wishlist or for a gift to offer, I guarantee the following list will make a hit. C'est parti! 

Paris bistro napkins

These napkins are the typical Paris bistro napkins. And they speak French! The French words on the napkins are 'Bon appetit' which means 'Enjoy your meal'. Be sure this gift will be used every day! Made in pure linen, they are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant so the napkins will have a long lifespan. Plus, they can also be used as placemats. They also exist in linen and red, linen and white, linen and turquoise and white and turquoise.

French beret

The beret is a must-have accessory in wardrobes. It's not only for fashionistas, the French beret styles any outfit in a second! And it's also a fun accessory for a Mother and Daughter look (that's why we have it in 2 sizes, adult and kid!). Be sure to choose an authentic French beret, it's a guarantee of quality and aesthetics. Of course our beret is the authentic French beret, made in South of France in a traditional workshop. It's made in pure merino wool, which regulates the temperature, meaning that the beret can be worn at every season. And did you know that wool adapts to head sizes? So, no worry about the size! Also exists in powder pink, off-white, navy and French blue.

Parisian pouch

This Parisian leather pouch will have its effect each time it's taken out of the handbag. For women with maaaany things in their handbag, a pouch may be a very good option. And for women loving an organized handbag too! A pouch is an elegant accessory for the handbag and it helps keeping easy to reach important things like the ID, the passport, a prescription or even the mobile phone. Practical AND chic! Also exists in dark blue.

The French bowl with sweet French words

Offer some French good mood in the kitchen of your loved ones! The French bowl is present in almost all French kitchens, this is a long time tradition: everyone travelling to Brittany comes back with French bowls for themselves and to offer. Our French bow is the modern version with some sweet French words on the front: 100% feel good for the breakfast or a sanck! We have several options: Jolie Maman (Beautiful Mum), Amoureuse (In love), Parisienne (Parisian), Trésor (Sweetheart), la Merveille (the Wonder).

Vintage jewelry box in porcelain

A gift idea for the ones who cherish the past and love to treasure hunt in flea markets. The vintage porcelain boxes wera made in Limoges decades ago, they are in excellent condition. Their refined style have something from the 19th century. In different sizes, the porcelain boxes can be used as jewelry boxes (for rings, bracelets, scrunchies, watches...). They can also be displayed in the bathroom (for lipsticks, make up removal pads, or nail polish) or in the kitchen (to hide cookies or candies from the kids!).

Versailles wine glasses

A royal touch for the table with these Versailles wine glasses. Indeed, the design reproduces the carvings of the Hall of Mirrors from the Versailles Palace. These gorgeous French wine glasses are a no-brainer when hosting fancy dinners, celebrations or even for romantic dinners. Offering them to someone loving to host dinners and cocktails, is definitely a great idea (for Christmas or as housewarming gift). Plus, it's a gift that both women and wen will love to receive. So, if you're struggling for gift ideas for your father, father-in-law, brother... do not hesitate any more!

Refined daily planner

Calling everyone who still loves having paper planners! And especially the ones who dream of Paris and all things Parisian. This planner was handmade in a French stationery workshop. Look at the cover, the lovely Paris design on the cover is made in bronze hot stamping. And the planner has 52 pages in luxe paper (with no dates, so it can be started at any moment). Any stationery addict will immediately recognize the French elegance of this planner.

Provence jars

French kitchens style is renowned all over the world. What make them special? Their style subtly mixes rustic and chic, creating then a elegant and charming atmosphere. Jars are one of the essentials of French kitchens. There are lots of jars from different materials and style. French people love collecting them because they are both practical and a lovely decor... Look at these large jars made of glass. Like traditional French pottery, they have been hand painted on the front. These lavender flowers are lovely, right? For someone dreaming of the French kitchen aesthetic for her/his own kitchen, these jars will be perfect gifts.

French table runner in linen

Table runners are a foolproof trick to dress up a table with elegance in seconds. For example, for a dinner with friends or an improvised coffee-time with the neighbors. Surprinsingly, very few people have table runners among their table linens. Which makes this French table runner an excellent gift for a Francophile!

Luggage Tag 'Bon voyage'

For someone going to Paris soon or for a Francophile travelling a lot! This luggage tag was customized with gold leaf, with the French words: 'Bon voyage' (Have a good trip). It's truly a luxury luggage tag, especially since it's made from Italian leather. It will identify with elegance the belongings... And it will show that the owner is a French connoisseur! Also exists in dark blue, red, and nostalgia rose.

Provence beeswax candles

Just looking at these candles on the screen transports us to a late afternoon in Provence. The sound of the cicadas, the colors of the lavender fields and the unique smell... A smell like the one of these pure beeswax candles: sweet and warm. They were handmade in a workshop at the heart of Provence, following the traditional making process. 100% natural, their fragrance will gently perfume the room, even when not burning. Hours of Provence smell! Also exists in a box of 9 pure beeswax taper candles.

French milk jug

This milk jug is an exclusive design from a family workshop in the Mont Saint Michel Bay. You're sure to offer a unique gift! There's a variety of shapes and designs of French pottery and it's a delight to mix and match them. If you're looking for a gift for someone who has a thing with French pottery, no hesitation, he/she will be thrilled. There's always space for such a lovely pottery. Also exists in blue and green handpainted design.