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Luxury set of lavender sachets (x3)

Luxury set of lavender sachets (x3)

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Lavender sachets from Provence

  • Pure craftsmanship
  • Refined watercolor design
  • Good for the planet and you

The lavender sachets are the most emblematic craftsmanship of the Provence region. In a traditional workshop, these luxury lavender sachets are carefully prepared, in a 100% handmade process.

Each sachet is in satin cotton, filled with organic lavender. There is a watercolor design printed with natural ink on each side. The watercolor designs correspond to Provence landscapes. There is one sachet with lavender fields watercolor, one with a Provence farmhouse watercolor and one with a Provence village watercolor. Each sachet comes in a box with the same design. Perfect to store your precious objects like jewelry (rings or a bracelet for example), or the small things to keep (buttons, coins...). 

How to use the lavender sachets? 

  • Store them in drawers or on hangers in your closet. They will subtly scent your cloths, and repel insects. I particularly recommend storing them with your sleepwear. Indeed, the lavender scent is stress relieving: perfect for restful nights. 
  • With their lovely designs, the lavender sachets can also be decorative. For example, put them on a small dish and display them on your coffee table or buffet. Your family and guests will enjoy the delicate scent of Provence lavender.
  • Good to know: when the lavender scent fades, softly rub the sachet to revive the scent. Et voilà! 
  • Kindly note that you should keep the lavender sachets out of reach of children. Moreover, avoid direct sun exposure in order to keep the original colors of the lovely watercolor designs.

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    Product details (size, weight...)


    Sachet: Length 2.6 inches - 6.5 cm ; Width 2.6 inches - 6.5 cm ; Height: 0.6 inches - 1.5 cm.
    Box: Length 2.8 inches - 7 cm ; Width 2.8 inches - 7 cm ; Height: 1.2 inches - 3 cm.
    These products are handmade, they may slightly vary in size.


    Organic lavender from Provence, satin cotton and cardbox.


    Each sachet and its box weighs 0.06 lb - 28g. The sachet itself weighs 0.02 lb - 8g.

    Care instructions:

    When the lavender scent fades, softly rub the sachet to revive the scent.
    The lavender sachets cannot be washed (no water).

    Made in

    Made in Nyons, Provence

    Brand story

    The lavender sachets from Provence were designed and handmade by L'Auguste Provence. 3 women joined their passion and creativity to build this elegant brand: Laure, Stéphanie and Caroline.
    Provence is their source of inspiration. Each product celebrates their beloved region. Whether you have already visited Provence or have it on your bucket list, you will enjoy escaping into Provence thanks to their unique collections.

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