Collection: French pottery

French pottery, also named French ceramics, includes a large variety of styles, techniques, and products. Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain are the 3 types of ceramics. You can find all these types of ceramics in France: each artisan has his preference and mastery for one type. Discover my selection of French pottery / French ceramics: vases, canisters, jugs… Their common trait: refined and timeless designs

Pottery is back on the rise. There is an incredible feeling when you buy handmade pottery: the pleasure to have a unique and authentic product, combined with the satisfaction to support an artisan. Regarding French pottery, there are so many styles. In Normandy, the traditional shapes are French jugs and French canisters, made in earthenware, sometimes with hand-painted decor. In Provence, French pottery is made in terracotta and colored. Each region in France has its own distinctive style, to which artisans add their creative touch. Dishes, canisters, serveware, vases, garden pots… French pottery covers all types of tableware and decor. The most renowned type of French pottery and French ceramic is porcelain. In our article French porcelain: the essentials to know, we share the specificity of manufacturing French porcelain. This is a must-read for all pottery and porcelain lovers: understanding the way porcelain is made brings even more value to our porcelain decor or dinnerware.