Collection: French vintage & French antiques

At French Address, we love searching for some French vintage or French antique pieces improved with time. During our travels around France, we visit antique shops and flea markets

Our French vintage and French antiques rare finds in good condition that we clean before selling on the store. Our favorites include jewelry boxes, candlesticks, dinnerware, and cookware. They are available in very limited quantities, so they may be out of stock quickly. Do not miss your chance!

Wherever you are in France, you can visit a flea market or vintage market during the weekend and find lovely French vintage and French antique pieces. The best 2 regions for vintage seekers are Normandy and Provence. From tableware to home decor to furniture, you can discover some 'treasures' from centuries old renowned brands. In our collection of French vintage and French antique, you will find our most recent finds: French lifestyle decorative items, as well as kitchen and table essentials. They all reflect the French art of living, from the most popular styles: French country home, French chateau and French bistro.