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Lux Candle French Christmas 13.5 oz

Lux Candle French Christmas 13.5 oz

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Christmas luxury scented candle 13.5 oz

  • Cinnamon and orange natural fragrances
  • 100% natural wax 
  • 60 hours of burning

Oh Christmas, the pleasure to gather with family and close friends! Add a delicious scent to your family moments or welcome your family with this luxury Christmas candle.

Imagine a late afternoon in December, all the family is in the living room eating a homemade dessert. Hum, there is a delicious smell of cinnamon and orange in the air coming from the candle. The fragrance was created by a Master perfumer in Grasse, the world's capital of perfume, using natural fragrances of cinnamon and orange. This luxury candle will burn for around 60 hours, and little extra: you will smell its exquisite aromas even when not burning it.

The lux candle was designed and handmade in Normandy. It’s the creation of Frederic, a pharmacist passionate about botany and the History of apothecaries. He became a Master candle maker to restore the refinement and the know-how of candle makers of the 17th century. This is why the design at the front of the candle pictures an Apothecary from the 17th century.  

The glass jar comes with a handmade pompom in the purest 17th century style. The design is inspired by apothecary jars, a timeless decor! Once the candle is done, you can reuse the glass jar for example as a candy box or for potpourri. 

Do not miss this Christmas candle, all your family will love it! And it’s also a great housewarming gift for your hosts. Little extra: when the candle is done, the tumbler becomes a lovely decor, as it can be reused as a pencil pot or to put some potpourri inside for example.

Also exists in several fragrances and in a tumbler format. Look at our exclusive collection of scented candles!

If you need help on how to take care of your apothecary jar candle, read our candle care guide

Product details (size, weight...)


Height (with lid): 5.5 inches - 14 cm ; Height (without lid): 4 inches - 10.2 cm ; Width: 3.6 inches - 9.2 cm.


Jar in transparent glass, candle in soy wax and beeswax, natural fragrances (cinnamon and orange), wick in cotton, emblem in tin.


1.9 lb - 870g.

Care instructions:

Read our candle care guide:

Made in

Made in Le Havre and Deauville.

Brand story

Secret d'Apothicaire, Apothecary’s Secret, is a family business in Normandy. The father, Frederic, started creating his first candles in 2008. As a Master candle maker and passionate of botany, he designed his brand with 2 values: know-how and naturality. His goal was to restore the refinement of candle makers of the 17th century. And success was not long in coming! His creations are pure luxury candles. They are even recommended by French Museums.
This is now his wife and his daughter, Muriel and Charlotte, who pursue his legacy.
Every detail is thoughtfully designed. The fragrances are created in partnership with Master perfumers in Grasse. All the candles are handmade in a workshop, only with natural waxes (soy wax and beeswax). The candles are poured in a glass tumbler or in a glass apothecary jar. 2 lovely containers that you can reuse as a decor once the candle is done. Final touch, the emblem with a 17th century apothecary picture is made in tin, a luxurious material. 100% French luxury candles.

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