10 essentials of a French country kitchen

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on October 31, 2023

French country kitchens are welcoming, made for both cooking and gathering in family. Their rustic chic style is very popular around the world. And you, are you planning to decorate your kitchen the French country style? 

To help you transform your kitchen into an authentic French country kitchen, we share 10 essentials: classic pieces that you will find in (almost) every French country kitchens. From furniture to decor to cookware, we selected the quintessential pieces of French country kitchens. 

French country kitchen: the 10 essentials that make a kitchen French country. Get these 10 essentials and your kitchen will have this elegant French style you love.

As nothing better than examples, we found inspiring French country kitchens to show you how to display these essentials in your kitchen. Add these 10 essentials little by little, you'll see that with just a few key pieces your kitchen will quickly have this French country style you love. 

Let's discover the list of the 10 French country kitchen essentials that you need to have in your kitchen. Furniture, decor and cookware, start decorating your kitchen with French country flair. 


1. A wooden cabinet

The main material in a French country kitchen is the wood, for all the furniture like the chairs, the table, and the shelves… and the cabinets! Opt for clear wood, it’s really more elegant. A second option is to repaint the cabinet with a neutral color like white, beige, or gray.


2. A rustic table

The best spot for gathering in family! For smaller kitchens, it can be an island in rustic wood, will be perfect for preparing the meals and eating. 

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3. French baskets

You will find lots of French wicker baskets in French country homes and especially in French country kitchens. They are both functional and decorative. French wicker baskets can host fruits, bread, eggs, flowers, linens or, for bigger baskets, they can be used to store your tableware. For a great decorative effect, think of having several colors of wicker baskets: white, brown, dark… 

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 And let's not forget the iconic French bread basket. In wicker or in stainless steel, it's a stylish and practical French kitchen accent. And actually in can be used not only to serve bread but also fruits, mini muffins, pastries, croissants... 

French bread basket


4. French pottery (jars, jugs, canisters…)

Start collecting French pottery! The more, the merrier! French pottery will be a very personal touch in your kitchen: they will make your French country kitchen unique. And above all, display them on open shelves, they are made to decorate (and show everybody your good taste!). The diversity of pieces (jars, jugs, canisters, tureens…) combined with the diversity of designs (fully white, with a pattern…) create endless possibilities. And do not hesitate to mix and match the styles! 

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5. A chandelier

A must-have, whether in glass or ironstone. 

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6. Patterned kitchen linens

French kitchen linens are renowned worldwide for their softness (thanks to the thickness and quality of the fibers). The French manufacturing of kitchen linens is centenary. The common trait of French linens brands: traditional yet elegant designs on thick, soft and noble fabrics (cotton and linen). This mix of French history, design and quality make them perfect for a French country kitchen.  

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7. A chicken wire shelf

This one is probably the lesser known. More associated to farmhouses, the chicken wire shelf is also one of the essentials of French country kitchens. It can be a large shelf like in the photo below, but the most frequent in France is a small chicken wire cabinet or box. Another option is a chicken wire basket, so cute!

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8. Copper pans

Decorative and functional, the copper pans are a must-have. They are pricey, but they last a life long… and more! If you enjoy cooking, the best option is to get new copper pans, otherwise, get them at a flea market.

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9. Decorative boards (breadboards, cheeseboards)

From different sizes, types of woods and uses, the mix and match of boards creates a lovely decor for a kitchen. Display them on your backsplash or hang them on the wall. 

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10. Mismatched wooden chairs

Whether you have a table or an island, try to have different wooden chairs styles. Opt for chairs with a rustic style yet an elegant shape or design (refinement is in the details!). 

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So now that you have the list of the 10 essentials for a French country kitchen, it's time to move into action in your kitchen. Have a look at our collection of French country kitchen accessories (linens, tableware, kitchen decor…), they will be perfect for your French country kitchen 

And remind that, as we mentioned earlier, you can go step by step and add these essentials one by one. You will progressively create a dreaming and harmonious French country kitchen.

French country decor