10 essentials of a French country kitchen

French country kitchens are welcoming, made for both cooking and gathering in family. Their style mixes simplicity with traditional, and a touch of chic. I share with you the 10 essentials for a French country kitchen. And as nothing better than examples, I reviewed real French country kitchens and identified the essentials. 

The 10 essentials of a French country kitchen

  1. A wooden cabinet 
  2. A rustic table
  3. French wicker baskets
  4. French pottery (jars, jugs, canisters...)
  5. A chandelier
  6. Patterned kitchen linens
  7. A chicken wire shelf
  8. Copper pans
  9. Decorative plates and boards (breadboards, cheeseboards)
  10. Mismatched wooden chairs

Examples of French country kitchens

I reviewed kitchens that perfectly correspond to the French country style and highlighted the elements that are essentials. 

Let's start the review with Michelle Mc Leod kitchen: her stunning kitchen is 100% French country kitchen, down to the very last detail (decorative breadboards, lots of jugs... so typical!). French baskets are very important, there are many in every French country house: market basket, bread basket, decorative basket, basket for the fruits... 

French country kitchen review by French Address

Let's continue with Deb Fitzpatrick kitchen, she included very specific French details like mismatched wooden chairs. I can tell you this is very common here in France! I also love the sign with the French word "Patisserie" (pastry shop in English). 

French country kitchen review by French Address

Gloria Winfield has a very French decorating style. The detail that reminds me the most my family house: a vintage pedal sewing machine transformed in a table in the kitchen. 

Review of French country kitchen essentials by French Address

Next kitchen is from Teresa Jones, who has a pretty country house in France. I love the full collection of tableware, French ceramic & pottery are so lovely. Moreover, the color palette of her kitchen is perfect: main colors are neutral and some pieces have vivid colors like the wicker baskets with the gingham pattern. So French! .

Review of French country kitchen by French Address

To end my review, I share 3 kitchens found on Pinterest : 

French country kitchen review by French Address

French country kitchen review by French Address


So now that you have the list of the essentials, it's time to look for the ones missing in your kitchen. I released a collection of French country kitchens accessories (linens, tableware, kitchen décor...) 

And if you're at the beginning of decorating your kitchen with the French country style, read my article on French country color palette, I share the pillars and tips to create a refined French country color palette.  

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