How to Make a Kitchen Look French?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

To make your kitchen look French, you don't need a full makeover… That's good news, right?! There are 5 simple guidelines to make a kitchen look French. In this video, I share the color palette, the materials, and decorating items that will quickly make your kitchen look French. Ready to give the French charm to your kitchen?

  • Natural materials. The main material in a French country kitchen is the wood, for all the furniture like the chairs, the table, and the shelves. Here my recommendation is to use some clear wood, it’s really more elegant.
  • The colors. French country home style foundations are the neutral color palette. It’s a mix of white, beige, taupe, and gray. So in your kitchen, the walls and the main furnishings should be in these colors.
  • Canisters. There are lots of pottery and ceramics in French kitchens, like several sets of tableware, canisters, jugs, and jars… They can be in pure white or have lovely decors with floral paintings or vintage imagery, for example.
  • Kitchen linens. French kitchen linens are renowned worldwide for their softness (thanks to the thickness and quality of the fibers). The common trait of French linens: traditional yet elegant designs on thick, soft and noble fabrics (cotton and linen). 
  • Mix and match of tableware. Plates, platters, pitchers, glasses… French kitchens are replete of diverse tableware, from different styles: from pure white to refined printed designs. And the very French touch is that the tableware is displayed on open shelves or on a buffet. It’s a decor!

Et voilà, you know how the 5 essentials to make your kitchen feel French.

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