French country home color palettes

French country home color palette, the foudnation of a French country home decor. French Address tips on French country home.


French country home main colors are neutral: it's a mix of white, beige, taupe and grey. These timeless and peaceful colors create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere in your home. 

Wood is a material present in every room of a French country house. Wooden furniture are made with light wood ; indeed, dark wooden furniture is generally more associated to a rustic home style. In French country houses, wooden furniture are also often painted in white or grey: bright furniture make the rooms seem larger.

Neutral colors are the fundamentals of a French country interior, but they may be completed with stronger, yet often faded, colors. This second color palette will give character to your interior. The idea is to have a few decor accent in each room with these colors. For these secondary colors, there are 2 trends:

1) Warm colors like gold, copper, red or pink: copper pans in a kitchen, a golden mirror or red cushions in a bedroom.

2) Cool colors like purple, blue and green: a buffet painted in mint green in a dining room or lavender dried flowers in a kitchen.

Remind to choose between warm and cool colors in a room: it is not recommended to mix these 2 types of color in the same room. However, you can choose to have warm colors in your living room but cool colors in the bathroom for example.

So, which colors will you choose? Do not hesitate to share your color palette with us! And if you're looking for new beauties to add to your French country home decor, consult our selection of French handmade home accents.