What makes a kitchen french country?


Discover the 3 pillars that make a kitchen French country:

  1. The colors. French country home style foundations are the neutral color palette. It’s a mix of white, beige, taupe and grey. So in your kitchen, the walls and the main furnishings should be in these colors.
  2. The main material in a French country kitchen is the wood, for all the furniture like the chairs, the table and the shelves. Here my recommendation is to use some clear wood, it’s really more elegant. A second option is to repaint your funirture with some neutral colors like white, beige or grey.
  3. French country kitchens are made for both cooking and gathering in family or with friends. This si why every piece is both functional and decorative, this will create a very warming atmosphere. Take the plates for example: they are functional but with their lovely design they are also fantastic décor in your kitchen. Same thing with the linens, the baskets or the pottery. Display them on open shelves


    Et voilà, you know the 3 pillars that make a Kitchen French country!