Are French Country Kitchens in Style?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

The French country style is a mix of traditional and chic. The classic elegance of this decor makes many people wonder if it's a good idea for their home. They are concerned that the French country style may be out of style… Good news: French country kitchens are in style!  

Renovating and decorating is a long and engaging project. You want your decor to keep being in style for a while, right? So, if you have some doubts regarding the French country home style, watch my video or read my opinion below. I share the 3 reasons why French country kitchens are in style: 

  • French country home style is very popular. There are millions, yes millions, of houses around the world, and not just in France, with this home style. And actually in the US, there are more than 100,000 requests on Google every month about French country home style. 
  • The French country home style is timeless. You have some neutral colors mixed with elegant and comfortable furniture and decor. All of these create an atmosphere that goes beyond the years, warm and welcoming. So, when you have a timeless interior, it’s always in style.
  • French country home style is very versatile and can even be modernized, so it’s always in style. If you’re not that much into rustic or vintage things, just keep the basics of the French country style, like the neutral colors and the raw materials. But you can add some modern touches. For example, for your kitchen: replace the rustic wood table by a marble table, and for the lights, instead of a chandelier go for modern lights.

Et voilà, I hope you are now convinced that French country homes and French country kitchens are always in style. It's time to start decorating your kitchen the French country style! And if you're more into a modern version of the French country style, watch my video on 'How to modernize a French country kitchen?'.