How to Create a Beautiful French Country Bedroom?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 19, 2024

Hello French country lover! I will guide you to create a beautiful French country bedroom. My recommendations will apply for a master bedroom and for a guest bedroom too. I will pinpoint the essentials and some French secrets too, so you can surely create a French country bedroom! And for each step, I will share some inspiring photos to illustrate.

Create a French country bedroom: a rustic chic style for your bedroom

Right before starting with the general guidelines, I thought it could be useful to clarify that French country bedroom is also known as French cottage bedroom or French farmhouse bedroom. So, if you’re looking for French farmhouse style or French cottage style for your bedroom, you’re at the right place! 

Content of this guide: 


The 2 Guidelines for a French Country Style Bedroom

  • The overall style is rustic chic, elegant yet casual. This comes from the combination of natural materials (wood, iron…) with luxurious and comfortable textures.
  • Every piece seems to have a history, as if it was transmitted from generation to generation. It doesn’t mean you have to include only vintage and antiques, but the overall look should look authentic, like with a distressed patina.




What Colors for a French Country Bedroom?

French country home main colors are neutral: it's a mix of white, beige, taupe, and gray. These timeless and peaceful colors create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Generally, the walls are in white, creamy white, light gray or beige, as well as the main furnishings. This color palette applies to every room. There are 3 different color schemes that you can apply for your French country bedroom: 

  • Walls and furnishings in pure white: this monochromatic color scheme is so elegant! (But touchy if you have young kids ;)
  • Walls in white and your main furnishings in other neutral colors like beige for example: this combination of colors creates a peaceful atmosphere. Perfect for a bedroom!
  • Walls in taupe or beige or faded yellow and your main furnishings in white: this corresponds to the Provence home style (or provincial French style), renowned for its inviting and soothing atmosphere.




Style your Bed like a French

The bed is the central piece of the room, and there are 3 styling rules to consider:

  • Traditionally, the bed is in iron or wood (raw wood or repainted in white). However, some other styles fit very well to French country bedrooms, like beds with a rattan or a buttoned linen bedhead.
  • Keep it simple with the linens. Go for pure white bed linens, possibly with some monograms or embroideries. For gorgeous French style bed linens, go visit Simply French market: Terri has a selection of bed spreads, duvet covers and throw blankets you will adore.
  • Use your good taste to thoughtfully select the throw and the pillows: they will add uniqueness and character to your bed. Choose some soft textiles (velvet, linen…) with patterns: floral, Toile de Jouy or gingham for example. So French! For these accents, you can use a secondary color palette with stronger, contrasting yet faded colors (blue, pink, purple…).



3 Essential Furniture for a French Country Bedroom

  • Add a bench beneath your bed. There is a large variety of designs, select the one you prefer! In fact, it can be an entirely different style than the bed. Just remind to pick a bench in a neutral color.
  • Go for a large 'armoire' or a chest of drawers made in light wood. Another option: in French country houses, wooden furniture is also often painted in white or gray, as bright furniture make the rooms seem larger.
  • Get a straw wooden chair or an armchair. They will be perfect to have a break and read a book, for example!




7 Decor Ideas for a French Country Bedroom

Now that you have the foundations of a French country bedroom, let’s explore the decor. I will share 7 ideas of French decor for a French country bedroom. If you want to add some modern touches to your bedroom, it’s in the decor that you will find the best options that will still fit the overall rustic chic style.

  • Some airy curtains, in white or beige linen, for example. The curtains can also be in the faded colors of your secondary color palette, they will then match your pillows. And if you have an iron bed, I recommend selecting a curtain rod in iron too.
  • A chandelier in iron or glass. If you’re not that much into chandeliers, you can totally go for modern lights, it’s an excellent option to modernize the room.
  • Vintage wall art. A classic in French country bedrooms is to have a portrait or a painting above the bed. It’s up to you!
  • Wallpaper or not wallpaper? This is a very frequent question, and here is our answer: it’s a question of taste… and also of sizing. If you have a small bedroom, avoid having wallpaper because it will “shrink” the room. In any case, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a question of taste. If it’s a refined design wallpaper in soft hues, you can add it to all the walls. Otherwise, I recommend having wallpaper only on the wall behind the bed. With a floral design, for example, it will be a lovely option to frame your bed.
  • A gilded mirror. You may know this is also an essential of Parisian bedrooms. For a French country bedroom, the specificity is that the gilded mirrors have a simpler frame.
  • Your French country bedroom could not be complete without flowers, fresh or dried. Actually, dried flowers are very popular in France. And display them in a French vase in ceramic or a French glass vase.
  • Final touch: French scented candles. Your French country bedroom will be your haven, so when you need to fully relax, light a French scented candle. Et voilà!



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