How to Modernize a French Country Kitchen?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

You love the elegance of the French country style, but would like to add a modern touch? Good news: it's totally possible! There are more and more people looking for modernizing the classic French country home style. Indeed, the strength of the popular home style is its refined elegance, but the overall kind of traditional look doesn't fit to modern houses and modern comfort.

I'm Mathilde, a Parisian, and founder of French Address, and I love sharing tips on all things French. And one of my favorite topics is: how to decor with French country style. Watch my video or read my 3 ideas below for a modern French country kitchen.

  • You know that the French country style starts with neutral colors. But you can definitely create a secondary color palette with more modern and vivid colors. I explain: keep the walls and main furniture with the neutral colors. But, for your decor and home accents, go with a secondary color palette with warm colors like red or cool colors like blue or green. It will be perfect for the curtains, the pillows, the chairs and so on. And it will certainly add this modern touch you’re looking for. 
  •  Wood is the main material in French country kitchens. To modernize your French country kitchen, replace the wood by marble for your table or for your backsplash. The marble is a natural and beautiful material that fits perfectly in a French country kitchen and gives this more modern twist.
  •  You can add some modern style furniture to your French country kitchen, and even it will give more character and uniqueness to your kitchen. For example: put some modern chairs around the island and the table, or replace the chandelier by modern lights.

    Et voilà! You can have both modern amenities and an elegant French country style. Implementing these 3 tips, you'll get a modern French country kitchen. Why not sharing with me the result? I'd be glad to publish your kitchen as an inspiring example!

    For more tips on French country decor, go watch my other videos on YouTube.

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