How to Make a Parisian Bedroom?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

My guess is that you travelled to Paris and fell in love with the refined style and comfort of the bedroom you stayed in… Isn't it? Decorating your bedroom in the Parisian style is a fantastic project. And good news, there are only 5 must-haves to make a Parisian bedroom. Yes, it's not that complicated! 

 Here is the checklist with the 5 essentials for a Parisian style bedroom: 

  • gilded mirror is the number one decor, and you will find it in every Parisian style bedroom. Select a tall mirror with round edges, this is very Parisian!
  • Go for a bed with a buttoned linen bedhead, and add a bench beneath the bed with the same style and color as the bedhead.
  • Keep it simple with the linens, go for pure white bed linens. For the throw and the pillows, choose the ones in soft textiles (velvet for example) with French style patterns: floral, Toile de Jouy or gingham for example.
  • Wallpaper or not wallpaper? This is a very frequent question, and here is my answer: it’s a question of taste… and also of sizing. If you have a small bedroom, avoid having wallpaper because it will 'shrink' the room. In any case, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a question of taste. If it’s a refined design wallpaper in soft hues, you can add it to all the walls. Otherwise, I recommend having wallpaper only on the wall behind the bed. With a floral design, for example, it will be a lovely option to frame your bed.
  • Some airy curtains, in white or beige linen, for example. The curtains can also be in faded colors like blue, purple, green, or pink.

You can get these pieces little by little… And soon you'll get a Parisian style bedroom.