How to Decorate a French Country Kitchen?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 19, 2024

Bonjour, I'm Mathilde, Parisian, and French Address founder. If you wonder how to decorate a French country kitchen, you'll find in my video and article 4 essentials to start with.

French country home is a very popular home style, but many think it is difficult to get this rustic chic atmosphere. But it's not. I am here to help you in your decorating journey. I'm sharing the 4 essentials to decorate a kitchen the French country style. Watch the video or read on my tips below. 

Your kitchen planning should start with these 4 essentials. Yes, with these 4 concrete steps, your kitchen will quickly get the French country kitchen style you like. 

  • Start with a neutral color palette. It’s the foundation of the French country home style. So, your kitchen walls should be white, beige, taupe, or gray. Same thing with your kitchen main furnishings. If you have a table or cabinets in rustic wood, I recommend painting them with these neutral colors.
  • Open Shelves or a Buffet. French country kitchens are made for cooking and also for gathering in family or with friends. This is why every piece is both functional and decorative. So take your plates, take your pans and display them on open shelves! It will immediately create a very warming atmosphere.
  • Pottery. There are lots of pottery and ceramics in French country kitchens, like several sets of tableware, kitchen pots and canisters, jugs and jars… They can be in pure white or have lovely decors with floral paintings or vintage imagery for example.
  • French Vintage Style Wall Decor. Here are my favorites: a vintage style clock, some prints related to French gastronomy (pastries, wine, bread…) and a wood plaque like a store sign in French (Bistrot, Boulangerie...). For more French Wall decor ideas, check my French Wall Decor Guide.

Et voilà! Now you know the 4 essentials for a French country kitchen. Ready to implement them in your kitchen? Share with me the result, I'd be glad to include your kitchen as an example in this article! And for more video content, look at my YouTube channel. A bientôt!