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In home decor and souvenirs, many French style items are actually not made in France. At French Address, our products and gifts are all made in France by passionate brands and artisans. Discover our collections of French gifts and our tips to be sure the gift you buy is a French gift.

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Is it really French?

Made in France gifts: a selection of French gifts including French bowl, Paris notebook, Paris tote bag, and gifts with sweet French words

We often have the question: is it really French? Behind this 'really' is the doubt regarding where the product is manufactured. At French Addressall the products are designed and manufactured in France. In the product page, we always share the story and know-how of the brand and artisans that created the product. And we specify the city of manufacturing, so you can visualize where exactly the product comes from.

We all care about the authenticity of the products, right? This is why this question 'Is it really French?' is legitimate. You are absolutely right to double-check on the origin of the products.

How to be sure it is made in France?

There are 3 easy tips to recognize if a product is made in France.

1. Analyze the price: a $10 tshirt cannot be made in France.

2. Check the labels: on clothes and home décor, the labels mention the country of origin. This applies when you buy in store because you can read the labels on the products. Very few online stores include this information, but for sure soon it will be mandatory.

3. Be suspicious with claims like 'Designed in France', 'French style'. Basically, if it’s not written 'made in France', then it’s not made in France.As we mentioned earlier, at French Address, all the items are 100% designed and made in France. French authenticity guaranteed, you can shop in confidence!