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In this article, I'd like to share the importance of made in France label. In home decor and souvenirs, you can find many French style items that are actually not made in France. Read more about authenticity, French know-how and tips to be sure the gift you buy is a French gift.

French Address features French gifts, made in France gifts like glassware, homeware, stationery, accessories, home accents, candles.

Is it really French?

I often have the question: is it really French? Behind this “really” is the doubt regarding where the product is manufactured. At French Address, all the products are designed and manufactured in France. In the product page, I always share the story and know-how of the brand and artisans that created the product. And I added a little map so you can visualize where exactly the product comes from.

We all care about the authenticity of the products, right? This is why this question “is it really French?” is legitimate. You are absolutely right to double check on the origin of the products.

Fast fashion and fast home décor

For the last 30 years, home décor and fashion have been manufactured in majority in Asia. The know-how in design remained in the country of origin of the brands but the manufacturing process has been outsourced to Asian countries like China, India, Vietnam...

The consequence: strong reductions of home décor and fashion prices, making them accessible for everybody.

We shouldn’t blame anyone for this situation, let’s be honest, we all participated to this fast fashion and fast home décor movement. How to resist to a lovely candle that costs less than $5 or to a cute $8 tshirt inspired from the French striped jersey? The mix of good bargain with novelty creates an incredible positive feeling. And we all need that, right?

Nowadays, we attach more importance to authenticy, so this past paradigm in fashion and home décor industry is slightly evolving. It won’t disappear because we still need these charming cheap gifts and treats! Then, we will balance our purchases, going more to local stores, supporting small businesses and giving our confidence to authentic brands.

Made in France = luxury?

There are hundreds of French luxury brands renowned worldwide: Chanel, Christian Dior, Lancôme, Christofle, Lalique, Moët & Chandon, Roche Bobois, Boucheron… Their excellence and exceptional history captivate. They pursue French specialty legacy with passion in so many sectors: perfume & cosmetics, fashion, gastronomy, jewelry… They are the ambassadors of the French art de vivre.

But French art of living heritage goes behind these distinguished brands. Thousands of smaller brands and independent artisans also work every day to develop and transmit French know-how. Imagine thousands of artisans designing and crafting products with care and passion for several days, sometimes weeks.

These talents have a unique story to tell and a personal mastery to share. Their value lies both in the perfection of their know-how and their unique creativity, they preserve traditions while adding a modern touch to their creations. This is why I name their products as “little luxuries”: the  luxury of owning a unique, exclusive and exquisite product at an accessible and fair price. 

So let yourself be tempted by a French gift, a true French gift. At French Address, I share my finds from all over France: French one-of-a-kind items that have an authentic story to tell and a French touch

How to be sure it is made in France?

Now let's share 3 easy tips to recognize if a product is made in France. 

1. Analyze the price: a $10 tshirt cannot be made in France.

2. Check the labels: on clothes and home décor, the labels mention the country of origin. This applies when you buy in store because you can read the labels on the products. Very few online stores include this information, but for sure soon it will be mandatory.

3. Be suspicious with claims like “Designed in France”, “French style”. Basically, if it’s not written “made in France”, then it’s not made in France.

As I mentioned earlier, at French Address, all the items are 100% designed and made in France. French authenticity guaranteed, you can shop in confidence


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