Vannerie de la Meije French wicker basket for French Address. French traditional basketry perfect as French country decor.

French wicker baskets with Lucile

La Meije is a mountain in the French Alps. Her majestic and serene silhouette is the daily decor of La Grave village, where Lucile established her wickerwork workshop and produces French wicker baskets

French wickerwork

Lucile discovered the craft of wickerwork a few years ago.

Wickerwork is the traditional art of weaving vegetable fibers from willow trees. In France, there are now less than 300 craft persons mastering it. Few professionals, but a massive French tradition and daily use.

You can find wickerwork in so many places in France. Every French country house has at least one wicker basket: market basket, bread basket, decorative basket, laundry basket, basket for the fruits… 

This is also very common in bakeries to display bread and viennoiseries in wicker pieces. Even French luxury fashion houses created collections with wicker. Hermès, partnering with the wicker cooperative Vannerie de Villaines, created a picnic version of the Kelly purse, mixing wicker with leather.

French wicker baskets

Lucile creates baskets of all sizes, with different types of wicker: white, raw or green. She uses biological wicker, certified Ecocert and cultivated in France. She pursues the French wicker traditions, creating traditional models as well as designing her own creations or tailor-made requests. She participated for example with 10 other artisans in the manufacturing of 326 baskets for L’Occitane en Provence stores.

For French Address Timeless collection, wickerwork was evidence. Lucile French wicker baskets embody authenticity and charm. Lucile recommended a small basket in white wicker, mixing several weaving techniques. This is the perfect French country basket for a short walk in the countryside to gather flowers or even as a decor in the kitchen hosting fruits for example. My second choice goes to the delicate French country serving tray in white wicker with handles in leather. A traditional design with a chic detail. 

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