Louvreuse, French leather accessories

Louvreuse, French leather accessories

Introducing Louvreuse

Did you know that there is a University within the Louvre in Paris? Ecole du Louvre was founded in 1882 and is specialized in Art History. The new artisan I want to introduce is Victoire de Villiers. She graduated from Ecole du Louvre and from Institut français de la mode, a fashion management University. She founded Louvreuse in 2016, an incredibly unique leather goods brand inspired by Art History. And of course, both design and manufacture are made in France.


What does Louvreuse mean?

The brand name Louvreuse comes from the Louvre where Victoire studied. Even more interesting: there is a double interpretation behind Louvreuse. Louvreuse is also an allusion to Parisian culture and nights. An “ouvreuse” in French is an useherette, who, in the past, was placing the audience at theaters and had a small leather bag. Louvreuse creations embody this “je ne sais quoi” Parisian: a mix of chic, relax, bon vivant and romantic attitude.  


Art, arty, pop art

Art is in every detail of Louvreuse creations: the designs, the colors, the names of the bags and accessories are all related to an artist, especially Pop Art artists like Gustave Klimt, Frida Kahlo or Eugène Delacroix. The best place to get Louvreuse creativity and inspiration is in the store in Paris. The bags are displayed as works of art in an art gallery.


French know-how

Louvreuse showcases the French fashion know-how. The bags and accessories are hand-crafted in a luxury leather manufacture in the West of France. These well-made collections are shaped in noble leathers and delicate finishes. Composed of carefully selected leather in Italy, some bags may require nearly four hours of manufacturing and up to ninety assembly steps.


A refined gift for francophiles Mums

As Mother’s Day is approaching, I selected 4 Louvreuse accessories that will certainly be a delightful surprise for Mums. Final detail: I used Louvreuse personalization service to custom the accessories with French words. Francophile and French style enthusiast Mums will fall in love with them! They will be the perfect French touch in their everyday life or when they travel (to France?).

Which one will your choose? The luggage tag with the message "Bon voyage", the key ring with "Amour" or "Madame" or else the refined leather pouch.

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