25 best French home decor stores - US Edition 2021/2022

Mathilde Vuillemenot
 | Last update on August 23, 2022


Dreaming of French decor? If you have a taste for anything that is French, you may constantly look for pretty French decor for your home. Most likely, you will start searching to buy French decor online. Now, after a few searches, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options and stores you found. And you end with even more questions. Is it really French? Which ones sell authentic French products? Are they reliable? 

Free e-book with the list of the best 25 stores for French home decor

I'm Mathilde, Parisian, and founder of French Address. When I heard my friends were struggling to find French decor for their home, I decided to help them and all those, like you, who want to decorate their home with French decor. I reviewed more than 300 stores and selected the crème de la crème. You will find the best stores for your dreaming French home style: French country, French chateau, French vintage, Parisian chic… Get now the free e-book with the list of the 25 best stores for French home decor


Where to buy French home decor?

This exclusive shopping guide will help you find French home decor for your home sweet home. Stop wondering where to buy French home decor and searching on Google for hours. You will have in your hands (well, virtually!) a trustful list of 25 stores selling French home decor. Take the time to read the story of each store and their owners. You will feel even more inspired! 

This guide will also be a great source to trove French gifts for your loved ones (housewarming gifts, Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day)… or for your own wishlist! Definitely a must-have list for the lovers of French and Parisian lifestyle!

A few tips before reading the e-book