French glassware by Verreries des lumières for French Address. Luxury French glassware, a perfect French gift.

French handmade glassware

Verreries des Lumières, meaning The Lights glass factories in English, was created by Marie and Pascal in 2009. Their common passion for the glassware and its ancestral handmade creation was the start of Verreries des Lumières journey.

French glassware

Their inspiration originates from the French art de vivre from the Renaissance period to the Age of Enlightment (15th to 18th century). Their creations transport us at the times of French royalty!

Their creative process begins with historical research visiting French museums, and especially the MAD Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Then, respectful of the historical techniques, they produce the blown glass and give rise to  beautiful creations. Wow fact: you can find their French glassware in historical movies! They are an official provider of glassware for French and international cinema. Their creations were seen for example on the TV show Versailles. 

Visiting their showroom was such an experience. Surrounded by French glassware inspired by History, I felt transported to ancient times. The refinement and brightness of their creations are striking. And one question: which pieces to select for French Address first Collection Timeless?

A special line inspired from 18th century in smoked glass was my first choice with a vase and a candleholder. The glass is not transparent: we are used to white glass and crystal today but in the 18th century the glass had a smoothed smoked effect. Producing this historical glass today is an exceptional achievement. Marie, Pascal, and their glassmakers had to find how to reproduce it, keeping the ancestral techniques.

In this same type of glass, Verreries des Lumières created a candy box for Le Grand Verfour, a gastronomical restaurant in Paris existing for more than 200 years and awarded with two stars by the Michelin Guide. A unique creation for a master chef restaurant has definitely its rightful place at French Address!

And to finish this “brilliant” selection, I couldn’t resist picking glass ornaments. I know Christmas is for a long time from now, but these delicate bulbs would fit at any moment of the year in our homes. Their elegant design in transparent glass adds a touch of light in our home decor.

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