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Glass bulb - spun sugar

Glass bulb - spun sugar

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Decorative glass bulb - spun sugar design

  • Blown by a Master glassmaker
  • Inspired by French 18th century
  • Recommended by collectors

Verreries des Lumières created a line of decorative glass bulbs, mouth-blown, that are lovely home decor all year long. 

The spun sugar original design is unique, it reminds the art of baking sugar. This decorative glass bulb, made with lead-free glass, is quite opaque but still reflects the light and colors of its environment.

It can be a home decor all year long, an elegant piece in a table setting or a decor on a dresser for example. And of course, it will end the year on the Christmas tree!

Discover the 2 other original designs of decorative glass bulbs: vertical ribs and twisted ribs

Product details (size, weight...)


Width 3.9 inches - 10 cm ; Height (including hole): 4.7 inches - 12 cm. This product is handmade, making it unique, then it may slightly vary in size.


Glass (no lead).


0.4 lbs - 0.2 kg.

Care instructions:

Clean with a soft cloth.

Made in

Made in Paris.

Brand story

Verreries des Lumières, meaning The Lights glass factories in English, was created by Marie and Pascal in 2009. Their common passion for the glassware and its ancestral handmade creation was the start of La Verrerie des Lumières journey. Their inspiration originates from the royal art de vivre from the Renaissance period to the Age of Enlightment (15th to 18th century). In a nutshell, their creations give a touch of royalty and History to our homes.

Their creative process begins with historical research visiting French museums, and especially the MAD Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, close to the Louvre. Then, respectful of the historical techniques, they produce the blown glass and give rise to these beautiful creations.

Wow fact: you can find their creations in historical movies! They are an official provider of glassware for French and international cinema. Their creations were seen for example on the TV show Versailles.

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