French Address features La Rochère French glassware and French stemware with designs inspired from French History.

History of La Rochere, French glassware since 1475

La Rochere is a renowned French glassware brand, with a centuries-old history. Discover more about La Rochere glassware history, their know-how and timeless collections of French glassware and French stemware.

A historic French glassware company

La Rochère was founded in 1475, during the period called Middle Ages in France. It is located in the Vosges mountains (East of France), a region rich of wood, sand and silica, the basics material to make glassware.

Destroyed twice in the 16th and 17th century, the manufacture was rebuilt in 1666 and the ovens were re-lit and were not to be extinguished until today. The manufacture is the oldest traditional glassmaker still in activity in Europe.

Originally, the factory produced window glass; the diversification to glassware and stemware for Cafés and restaurants began in the 19th century. For centuries, La Rochère preserved and transmitted a traditional know-how. They are part of French glassware History and are distinguished as such today by the Label 'Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant' (National Company with a Heritage).  


The 2 types of glassware

Hand-blown or mouth-blown glass

A Glassmaker needs 10 years to become a Master Glassmaker, acquiring the techniques of tools and materials. At least 8 people are required to make a hand-blown glass. 

This is now a very rare know-how, it is estimated that there are less than 200 Master Glassmakers creating blown glass in France today. In this spirit of transmission of this one-of-a-kind know-how, La Rochère opens its workshop to visitors.


Pressed glass

Pressed glass began to be produced in the 1970s, thanks to the launch of mechanical production. Yet, it is quite complex and La Rochère succeeded in developing techniques that allow to produce refined patterns and colored glass in an industrial process. Looking at the details of the Versailles Collection, it is absolutely exceptional to obtain such a level of finesse.


Iconic & timeless designs by La Rochere

Each glassware collection has a unique story, inspired from the French History. La Rochère refined glassware is present in so many French kitchens.

Discover the story of the 3 collections featured on French Address store, just click on the name of the collection to view the products. 

  • The Bee collection was inspired by the emperor Napoléon, who chose bees as an emblem of his reign. Bees were present on furniture fabrics, carpets, flags… And even on his royal coat.

Bee glassware, La Rochere French glassware brand


  • The Versailles Collection was inspired by the Hall of Mirrors of Versailles Palace. The pattern on the glass reproduces the delicate and sophisticated carvings above the mirrors. The scallop shell completes this royal design, as it was an emblem of the knights.

Versailles glassware, La Rochere French glassware brand


  • The Renaissance Collection traces the connection of the French city of Lyon with the Italian city of Florence during the Renaissance. The collection mix the shape of a traditional Lyon 'goblet' (cup) with an Italian inspired pattern.

Renaissance glassware, La Rochere French glassware brand


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