Quiz: Which French actress are you?

Hello French style lover! I prepared a special and fun quiz, so you find out which French actress you are most like.

I selected 5 amazing French actresses renowned worldwide for their talent as well as for their French style: Marion Cotillard, Sophie Marceau, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Audrey Fleurot and Audrey Tautou. Reading about their everyday life, I discovered that, deep down, we all have similarities with them. So delightful! 

To find out which one you are most like, answer the 10 questions below on style, food, and passions. Every answer corresponds to one of these 5 French actresses. So, you will have the pleasant surprise to discover which French actress embody your lifestyle.

Now, it's time to take the quiz! 



 French Address quiz French Address quiz French Address quiz

French Address quiz French Address quiz


1. What is your favorite French pastry? 🍰

2. What clothes do you wear most often? 👗

A: A striped jersey
B: A trench coat

E: Jeans

3. Where would you prefer to spend summer vacations in France? 💼

A: Cap Ferret
B: Brittany
C: Verdon Gorge 
D: Chamonix (French Alps)
E: Provence

4. What is your favorite French dish? 🍴

A: Steak tartare with salad
B: Beef Bourguignon
C: Blanquette of veal
D: Ratatouille
E: Eggs Benedict

5. Which French luxury fashion brand inspires you the most? 🎀

A: Christian Dior
B: Chanel
C: Thierry Mugler
D: Emmanuel Ungaro
E: Gérard Darel

6. What movie are you a big fan of? 🎬

A: The Little Prince
B: Amélie
C: The Intouchables
E: My wife is an actress

7. What can you usually find on your nightstand? 🌙

A: Jewelry
B: Pencils
C: Your glasses
D: A book
E: Earphones

8. What is your #1 hobby? 🎉

A: Cooking
B: Photography
C: Dancing
D: Traveling
E: Meditating

9. A French fragrance you love? 🌸

A: J'adore, Dior
B: N°5, Chanel
C: Bois d'Arménie, Guerlain
D: Diva, Ungaro
E: Eau de Cologne, Roger & Gallet

10. What object is always in your purse? 👜

A: A mirror
B: Sunglasses
C: Mascara
D: Face or hand cream
E: A lucky charm


Et voilà! Count how many answers A, B, C, D and E you selected. The letter with the highest number of answers corresponds to a French actress. Ready to find out? 

If you have most answers A, you are Marion Cotillard.



If you have most answers B, you are Audrey Tautou.



If you have most answers C, you are Audrey Fleurot.



If you have most answers D, you are Sophie Marceau.



If you have most answers E, you are Charlotte Gainsbourg.