What to Put in a French Gift Basket?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

Let's answer this very frequent question. Some of you may buy a ready-to-offer French gift basket, but I know many of you also enjoy creating a French gift basket, choosing thoughtfully every item. Definitely a very personalized gift!

First thing first: if you want to prepare your French gift basket, select a theme. It’s going to be way easier for you to create a French gift basket if you define a theme. 

Watch the video or read below my 3 ideas of great themes for a French gift basket. For each French themed gift basket, I will share several ideas of products to include. C'est parti! 

  • Gourmet: in a Gourmet French gift basket, you can put a bottle of wine (or Champagne!), foie gras (or less controversial duck breast fillet), spices like herbes de Provence and for a sweet touch, some French chocolate or macarons. 
  • Provence: for a French gift basket that will transport your friend or loved one to Provence, you can include lavender sachets, some pure beeswax candles, a wicker basket or a market tote, and napkins made in colored Provence fabric.
  • Paris: there are so many options for a Paris gift basket. Here are my recommendations: a Paris notebook, some Paris wall art like a small Paris poster or a set of Paris notecards, a Parisian fashion accessory (a leather pouch or a silk scarf) and French bowls with French words on the bowl. So chic! 

Et voilà, now you have many ideas to create your own French gift basket. Which one will you choose? Share with me a photo of your gift basket, I'd be glad to share it on this article.

For more French gift ideas or French style tips, look at my YouTube channel.

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