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Antique silver spoon

Antique silver spoon

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Antique engraved silver spoon

  • Antiques from French flea markets
  • Resilvered (silver stamp)
  • Engraved with a French word

Axelle is a specialist of Antique French silverware. She thoughtfully collects French antique silver spoons in Northern France flea markets. She cleans and resilver them, then she gives a second life to these antiques. Her purpose is to make the objects to transmit a message: this is why she engraves on demand sweet messages, so the second life of these objects remains eternally.

We have selected to engrave the spoons with 2 thoughtful French words: Belle (beautiful) and Amour (love). The silver-plated spoons will add a joyful touch to breakfasts and tea times.

A personalized antique tableware is a unique gift. It’s a way to keep a souvenir or to transmit a special message to your loved ones. 

Product details (size, weight...)


Spoon: 5.7 x 1.2 inches - 14.5 x 3 cm.
Box: 6.9 x 2 inches - 17.5 x 5 cm
These products are handmade, making them unique, then they may slightly vary in size.


Antique silver spoon.


0.07 lb - 0.03 kg.

Care instructions:

Can be washed by the dishwasher. Do not clean with a scratch or metal sponge. After several uses, you can apply a silverware cleaning product to restore the brilliance.

Made in

Made in Northern France flea markets. Resilvered and engraved in Paris.

Brand story

Axelle is a specialist of vintage seeking. When she was little, she used to go to French brocantes and flea markets with her grandmother, Monnette. Her grandmother transmitted her passion in hunting and finding beautiful objects that have a past.

She decided to transform her passion to a new story. What else than her grandmother name for her brand? Monnette was born.

Axelle now gives a second life to antiques tableware she finds. She thoughtfully collects antique silver spoons, tumblers, napkin rings… in Northern France flea markets. Then begins the transformation: cleaning, resilvering and engraving. Every step is done manually with a great care, a true elixir of youth for these little old objects. While preparing them for their new life, she imagines their past stories and homes.

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