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Porcelain bowl

Porcelain bowl

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French bowl: handmade porcelain

  • Exclusive design by a distinguished ceramist
  • French porcelain
  • Fully handmade

This handmade porcelain bowl was designed and handmade by Bérangère, a distinguished French ceramist. She uses the potter wheel to give life to her refined creations. 

The uniqueness of this bowl lies in the contrast of the brilliant glaze inside and the raw but soft porcelain outside. Moreover, there is a subtle relief on the front representing houses, like a small French village: a second layer is added to the original piece with this design.  

The off-white color makes it suitable to any home style decor. You can then choose how to use it and even change from time to time. This remarkable French bowl can for example receive potpourri, fruits, candies, or your jewelry

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Product details (size, weight...)


Height: 2.4 inches - 6.2 cm ; Width on top: 9.4 inches - 24 cm ; Width at bottom: 9.6 inches - 24.5 cm.
This product is handmade, it may slightly vary in size.




2.6 lb - 1.2 kg.

Care instructions:

Can be washed by the dishwasher :)

Made in

Made in Samois sur Seine, Paris region.

Brand story

Bérangère has a unique signature: the houses. They are the central theme of all her creations. At the beginning, she created little houses in porcelain as decorative pieces. In a few years, she created new collections using different techniques to display her little houses in functional pieces (vases, jars …).

Why the houses? She says they reflect our individuality and are associated with comfort and warmth. And actually, she observed that the symbolism and interpretation of the houses in her pieces are entirely unique depending on the people.

Bérangère works with the potter’s wheel, a specific porcelain technique few ceramists use. And to limit her impact on the planet, she conceived a process where there is only one firing phase in the oven.

Her work has been recognized: she was accepted as member of Ateliers d'Art de France, the French fine craft professional federation.

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