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French bowl - In love (she)

French bowl - In love (she)

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The classic French bowl for women in love

  • The iconic Breton bowl made in Pornic
  • Customized with sweet French words
  • A romantic French gift

The Breton bowl is a French classic. Created in the 18th century, it has been particularly popular since the 1930s. Its uniqueness lies in its shape with 2 handles called “oreilles” (ears) in French. In the last decades, the Breton bowl has been redesigned in various modern versions, but always keeping the essentials: its unique shape and the hand-painted personalization.

Look at our modern version of the Breton bowl: a fully white earthenware bowl with a royal blue edge and the French words: 'Amoureuse' (In love - feminine). Is there a best way to start the day, taking your breakfast and reminding that love is in the air? This bowl can also be used for a dessert or for snacks.

Also exists with different French words and designs: Parisienne (Parisian)Jolie Maman (Beautiful Mom), la Merveille (the Wonder)Toi & Moi (You & Me)Puce (sweetie)Trésor (Sweetheart) and Chaton (sweetie)

Product details (size, weight...)


Height: 2.4 inches - 6 cm ; Width with handles: 6.7 inches - 17 cm ; Width without handles: 4.7 inches - 12 cm. Capacity: 10.6 fl oz; 30 cl.




0.3 lb - 240g.

Care instructions:

Dishwasher safe, microwave with moderation.

Made in

Made in Pornic, Britanny.

Brand story

Margot and Gabrielle are first cousin from Arcachon Bay. Their common passion for design led them to create their brand: Pied de Poule.

They revisit traditional French kitchenware and tableware like glasses, tea towels or bowls. Their inspiration comes from their memories of traditional family dinners, vintage fashion and tableware of their grandmother, refined tea times… And they add their modern and poetic touch.

Their version of the traditional French bowl is a must-have for everyone in the family!

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