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Gift set Daughter

Gift set Daughter

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French gift set: Daughter

  • 1 engraved silver spoon + 3 small notebooks + 1 leather keychain
  • Exclusive customization on the spoon and keychain
  • Premium and sustainable notebooks

We created this gift set for girls and young ladies who love all things French.

It includes 3 lovely notebooks to write, for example, pretty French words and quotes or their personal thoughts. The leather keychain with the word 'Amour' (Love) will be a great accessory to show she is a Francophile, and a romantic one! And the antique silver spoon will add a delightful touch from breakfasts to dinners 

A unique gift set to offer to a loved young lady or girl in your life. Plus, our French gift set comes with a special price… Do not miss it! 


Engraved silver spoon: the spoon is an Antique French silverware, it has been resilvered (with stamp), clean and engraved with the word 'Belle' (Beautiful)It comes in a white and blue striped pouch. A personalized antique tableware is a unique gift, it’s a way to transmit a special message to your loved ones. As the spoon has been found in a French antique market, it is unique, we have 4 different designs, we will send randomly one of them (they are all lovely!). Finally: the spoon is dishwasher safe!

Small notebooks: this trio of handmade notebooks comes with one with a pink cover, one with a dark blue cover and one with a burgundy cover. Each one has 48 white pages, made with thick and premium recycled paper. The heart design on the cover is done with the letterpress process: it creates a thin and delicate relief on the paper. It’s sublimated by a final bronze hot stamping

Keychain: made in Italian leather, this heart-shaped keychain was customized with a gold leaf. What else than a customization with the word 'Amour' (Love) for this lovely design? Created by the Parisian brand, Louvreuse, it was hand-crafted in a luxury leather manufacture in the West of France. The red color is intense and bright. 

Product details (size, weight...)


Notebooks: each notebook measures 3.5 x 5.1 inches - 9 x 13 cm.
Spoon: 5.7 x 1.2 inches - 14.5 x 3 cm.
Keychain: 2.4 x 2.2 inches - 6 x 5.5 cm.
These products are handmade, making them unique, then they may slightly vary in size.


Notebooks: The cover is made with paper weight 270G. Cover design stamped in bronze. The inside pages are made with 100% recycled paper. Binding with staples.
Spoon: Silver. The ink on the message is water ink, so there is no risk to use the spoon.
Keychain: Italian leather, message in gold leaf, ring in golden brass.


Notebooks: each notebook weighs 0.2 lb - 0.1 kg.
Spoon: 0.07 lb - 0.03 kg.
Keychain: 0.02 lb - 0.01 kg.

Care instructions:

Spoon: Can be washed by the dishwasher. Do not clean with a scratch or metal sponge. After several uses, you can apply a silverware cleaning product to restore the brilliance.

Made in

Made in France.

Brand story

Editions du Paon creates and produces high-quality notebooks. Elsa and Pascal are behind this refined brand: they associated their know-how in printing with their drawing style. Their aesthetic mixes French vintage with contemporary references. A kind of romanticism and poesy emerge from their refined creations.
They work with high-quality materials: they use vegetable ink and luxury paper (recycled yet heavy). In their workshop, they installed 2 Heidelberg typographic presses, one for printing (letterpress) and one for gilding. The letterpress process creates a thin and delicate relief on the paper. It’s sublimated by a final bronze hot stamping. The result is a velvet touch. Stunning!

Axelle is a specialist of vintage seeking. When she was little, she used to go to French brocantes and flea markets with her grandmother, Monnette. Her grandmother transmitted her passion in hunting and finding beautiful objects that have a past.
She decided to transform her passion to a new story. What else than her grandmother's name for her brand? Monnette was born.
Axelle now gives a second life to antiques tableware she finds. She thoughtfully collects antique silver spoons, tumblers, napkin rings… in Northern France flea markets. Then begins the transformation: cleaning, resilvering and engraving. Every step is done manually with a great care, a true elixir of youth for these little old objects. While preparing them for their new life, she imagines their past stories and homes.

Victoire de Villiers founded Louvreuse in 2016, an incredibly unique leather goods brand inspired by Art History. She graduated from Ecole du Louvre and from Institut français de la mode, a world-class fashion management University.
Louvreuse creations embody this “je ne sais quoi” Parisian: a mix of chic, relax, bon vivant and romantic attitude. And of course, both design and manufacture are made in France.
Louvreuse showcases the French know how in fashion. The bags and accessories are hand-crafted in a luxury leather manufacture in the West of France. These well-made collections are shaped in noble leathers and finishes. Composed of carefully selected leather in Italy, some bags may require nearly four hours of manufacturing and up to ninety assembly steps.

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