What to gift to someone who loves Paris?


I answer this question with 4 gift ideas that any Paris lover will be so glad to receive. With one of these Paris themed gifts, you'll hit the spot!


  • Any item with the Eiffel Tower, which is the emblem of Paris. Seems very classic but I can tell you that any Paris lover will be so happy to receive a gift with the Eiffel Tower. And there are so many options: it can be a tote bag, a charm for a bracelet, some linens or even a notebook.
  • Some Paris wall art for the bedroom or for the living room. A Paris wall art is a great souvenir for someone who loves Paris. What are the options? It can be a vintage Paris poster, a Paris map or a calendar with photos of Paris.
  • A book or a movie happening in Paris. It will immediately transport your Francophile friend or loved one to the lovely city of Paris. Some ideas, very classic but I love them: Amélie or Midnight in Paris.
  • Any Paris lover enjoys speaking a few words in French. So imagine how happy he or she will be receiving a French gift customized with French words. For example, a French bowl with somes word in French like ‘Parisienne’ (Parisian), ‘Jolie maman’ (Beautiful Mum), or some accessories like a key chain with the word ‘Amour’ (Love) or ‘Madame’ (Madam).