What to Gift to Someone who Loves Paris?

By Mathilde Vuillemenot | Last update on March 14, 2024

If your loved one or friend loves Paris, a Paris themed gift is such a great idea. But what's a good gift for someone who loves Paris? And how to offer something unique that she / he doesn't have? 

I'm Mathilde, Parisian, and founder of French Address, and I love sharing tips to offer French gifts. There are so many options, whatever is your budget. 

My first recommendation is to look for items made in France: it will be a guarantee of quality and authenticity. Your loved one or friend will be thrilled to receive something coming from France! 

Now let's share 4 gift ideas that any Paris lover will be so glad to receive. Watch the video or read my tips below. With one of these Paris themed gifts, you'll hit the spot!

  • Any item with the Eiffel Tower, the emblem of Paris. Seems very classic, but I can tell you that any Paris lover will be so happy to receive a gift with the Eiffel Tower. And there are so many options: it can be a tote bag, a charm for a bracelet, some linens, or even a notebook.
  • Some Paris wall art for the bedroom or for the living room. A Paris wall art is a great souvenir for someone who loves Paris. What are the options? It can be a vintage Paris poster, a Paris map or a calendar with photos of Paris.
  • A book or a movie happening in Paris. It will immediately transport your Francophile friend or loved one to the lovely city of Paris. Some ideas, very classic, but I love them: Amélie, Midnight in Paris, Lupin, Emily in Paris...
  • Any Paris lover enjoys speaking a few words in French. So imagine how happy he or she will be receiving a French gift customized with French words. For example, a French bowl with some French words like our duo of French bowls for Mom or for kids

Et voilà, you now have tons of gift ideas for someone who loves Paris. They fit to every occasion: birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day… For more Paris themed gifts or for French style gifts, look at my collection of French gifts: they are all made in France by passionate artisans and brands in limited editions. Quality and uniqueness guaranteed!

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